Chance Boondock is pseudonym for a budding writer to explore his talents and creative side.  Living within the capacious Northern Territory of Australia, and being able to explore the vastness of this rugged land on a daily basis, provides me the impetus to become deeply absorbed and feed my hunger for originality, while writing about the real issues of everyday Territorians.

Chance Boondock is also a place that allows an active imagination to fluctuate between daydreams and perceived reality, a place where my motivation, ambition and emotional volatility may one day lead me to my full potential.

What excites Chance Boondock?

The importance of conserving the landscape around us for future generations is significant to me.  As is the need for an economy that can support and sustain communities consistently over time.  As a result I believe it is essential that these two facets operate advantageous to each other, and not adversely to each other, as we need to ensure that by meeting our present needs, we don’t compromise the needs of our future generations.

The importance of equality as the underlying framework of a fair society, ensures that all members have the opportunity to reach their full potential.  Without opportunity, there is an imbalance created, which will lead to economic, social, cultural and political participation impacts. Just as without equality, we fail to recognising those within our community who require that additional support, in order to reach their full potential.

Other things that I get enjoyment out of are learning and seeing others benefit from my efforts and ideas, adventure and success.  I am also driven by the thought of being involved in new projects, especially when it’s a creative concept.

Rural road water crossing
Rural road water crossing