How to overcome Change!

Being a big fan of the Leading Teams model, and understanding the importance of Change Management, I was destined to, at some point in time, read Martine Harkin's article "3 common obstacles to organisational change and how to overcome them", which was published on the Leading Teams "Culture Change" blog in June this year. The take-away for me.... … Continue reading How to overcome Change!

True Diversified Governance is the Key to Success

Future of Work - Chandler Macleod Unleashing the untapped potential of diversity

There have been papers written on the importance of diversity within the Boardroom, yet there is still very much a trend for Boards to remain, old, male and stale. There have been some inroads made, however if you consider the length of time we have been talking about this, it is a very low rate … Continue reading True Diversified Governance is the Key to Success